Workshop 108 is a collective made up of creative thinkers, interdisciplinary artists, and passionate storytellers who collaborate with cultural institutions to produce multimedia experiences for a variety of platforms and venues.

We believe that mission-driven organizations inspire and ignite their communities to create change. By supporting their outreach, we amplify the voices of those who study and protect the natural world and its cultures and histories.

Designed to be operationally nimble, Workshop 108 possesses the ability to join clients in the goal-setting and exploration phases, but is just as capable of fitting into an established production team. We assemble the custom group of producers needed to bring each project to fruition through an iterative process, seamlessly integrating design and technology in service of the experience.


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Greg Mercer

Creative Director

Greg thrives at the intersection of art, science, natural history, and conservation, finding his way into the orbit of people who share his love for the natural world and creativity alike. He formed Workshop 108 in 2017 to foster new collaborations around these themes.

Previously, he spent 12 years at the Field Museum, a majority of them as Media Producer within its interdisciplinary Exhibitions team. Helping conceptualize and produce multimedia elements across a broad spectrum of exhibitions, Greg also documented and shared field work efforts around the globe.

Greg received his BA in history from UC Berkeley with graduate studies in biomedical visualization at University of Illinois, Chicago.

He’s quick to join family and friends on the hiking trail, always on the lookout for a good blues show in Chicago, and never turns down an opportunity to toss frisbees with his wife and their thrill-seeking canine, Scully.

Follow him @gmirsky on Instagram or see ongoing side projects and past work at


Taylor Peterson

Production Director

Taylor’s work combines her passion for art, science, and digital content to create rich and engaging experiences specialized for museum and gallery environments. Prior to teaming up with Workshop 108 in 2019, she served as an Exhibitions Project Manager at the Field Museum where she produced award-winning digital media projects for six years. Her favorite parts of her job are to lead creative teams and to develop better processes and strategies for collaboration.

Taylor holds a Master of Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Enjoying life in her adopted home of Chicago, Taylor spends a lot of her time seeking out the best food and classic haunts the city has to offer. When not out and about she’s comfortably posted up at home with her family, a glass of wine, and a good book.

Follow her @tailspeterson on Instagram and Twitter.